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Commercial Lettings and Sales

Sheffield has a large commerical and industrial infrastructure in the city, and if you are looking for commercial property to rent or you own such a property that you want to let this section of Artful Lodger is for you. After many years of decline the economy in Sheffield has seen something of a revival in recent years (fantastic for both the rent and let industry), a 2004 study by Barclays Bank revealed that Hallam was the highest ranking area outside of London for overall wealth, with the proportion of people earning over £60,000 a year standing at nearly 12%. There has never been a better time to let or rent for your commercial business. Sheffield is also the fastest growing city outside of London for commercial and residential space and rents. £250,000,000 was invested into the city in 2005 making it the perfect place to set up a commerical business and rent or let property.

Whilst Sheffield has a reputation for working in metallurgy and steelworking that are many other commercial ventures that have seen exponential growth in recent years, in fact Sheffield has so many new commercial companies and businesses that properties to let and rent change hands very quickly, and if you are looking for somewhere to rent or looking to let a building for commercial purposes Sheffield is certainly the right place to be. As a major retail centre Sheffield attracts all sorts of commercial traders interested in properties to rent or interested in a let on their own structures, from small high street retailers to huge multinational stores and designer boutiques.